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Question: Does the process of refilling inkjet cartridges really work?

Answer: Yes! Ink jet cartridges can definitely be refilled successfully.  We (Mr. Ink Jet, Inc.) have been in business for ten years offering refill services, ink refilling kits, compatible cartridges, remanufactured cartridges and specialty papers.  Our number one product is ink jet refill kits.  We have hundreds of thousands of happy customers who have successfully refilled their cartridges and return to us replenish their ink jet refilling supplies.

So why are some people successful when they refill and others are not?

Successful refillers do... Unsuccessful refillers tend to...
...read the instructions completely & look over the illustrations before they start to refill their cartridge ...look at the picture and not read the instructions until there is a problem - if then
...have patience and exercise them when refilling...
Hint: To achieve the main goal, the successful refill, you must inject the inks slowly!  This is to allow for proper air venting and so  bubbles or air pockets aren't formed in the cartridge (which will lead to improper printing.)
...not have so much patience.
...understand that cyan is blue, magenta is pink or red and yellow is yellow.  If you want to get technical there are reasons why colors are called by different names... more on that later ..."Eenie, meanie, miney, moe." This does not work well when refilling ink cartridges.
...refill their cartridge when it starts getting low or when skipping or fading occurs ...dig the cartridge out of their desk drawer or grab one off a shelf that has been there from a week to three years.  Ink is a liquid substance which, after a surprisingly small amount of time, will dry up and cause problems when you try to refill.
...understand that difficulties may occur, such as air pockets... read this information... use our online technical support pages... call our 800 number if they cannot find the solution to their problem online ...give up after their first attempt at refilling
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