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How to use the universal Epson intelligent chip cartridge resetter

Epson universal chip resetter

epson chip resetterThe JY168 resetter is capable of identifying and resetting most Epson intelligent ink cartridge on the market.  You need to refill the ink cartridge before using the resetter.


epson cartridge resetterSimply line up your Epson OEM or compatible ink cartridge with the notches on the bottom of the resetter (different size notches for the different cartridge designs.) The pins on the JY168 resetter should line up with the contacts of the IC chip on the ink cartridge.  Press the resetter's pins to the chip firmly.  The LED should blink on and off after pressure is applied for 3 to 5 seconds.  Once the LED light starts blinking, the ink cartridge is reset and ready to print.

The JY168 Epson chip resetter will work on the following inkjet cartridges:

T007201, T008201, T009201, T015201, T016201, T017201, T018201, T026201, T027201, T028201, T029201, T036120, T037201, T040, T041, T0421, T0422, T0423, T0331, T0332, T0333, T0334, T0335, T0336, T0241, T0342, T0343, T0344, T0345, T0346, T0347, T0348, etc.

The JY168 Epson chip resetter will work on the following inkjet printer models:

Epson Stylus Photo 780, 785EPX, 790, 810, 820, 870LE, 875DC, 875DCS, 890, 895, 900, 915, 925, 950, 1270, 1280, 1290, 2000P, 2100, 2200

Epson Stylus C41, C42, C42+, C42UX, C42SX, C50, C60, C61, C62, C70, C70+, C80, C82, CX3200, CX5200

Epson Stylus Color 680, 685, 777, 777i

Epson universal chip resetter  $24.95 each

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