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Home -> Laser Toner Refill Kits -> Toner Refill Kit for HP 3500 / HP 3700 Laser Toner Cartridges

Toner Refill Kit for HP 3500 / HP 3700 Laser Toner Cartridges
Toner Refill Kit for HP 3500 / HP 3700 Laser Toner Cartridges
Price: $45.00     
SI Number:
Toner Refill Kit for HP 3500 / HP 3700 Laser Toner Cartridges Description:

Toner Refill Kit for HP 3500 / HP 3700 Laser Toner Cartridges (with chip included)


This toner refill kit for the HP 3500 toner cartridges (HP 3500 laser toner cartridges Q2670A, Q2671A, Q2672A, Q2673A) cartridges. This toner refill kit will save you a bundle over buying new cartridges. These cartridges are easy to fill, and produce excellent results with our high quality toner. Your printer page output and quality will be 100% that of the original on your first refill. Why pay over $100 for these cartridges when you can refill them in under 5 minutes and save a bundle! Our toner refill kits come with toner and instructions to refill these HP 3500 cartridges (cartridges for HP 3500 Q2670A, Q2671A, Q2672A, Q2673A) QUICKLY and SUCCESSFULLY. Our toner refills give you 1 full refill on these cartridges!

Item contains:

  • 1 x Refill instructions
  • 1 x Toner (Black, Cyan, Yellow or Magenta)
  • 1 x Toner nozzle to pour the toner
  • 1 x Replacement chips for HP 3500

Required: A re-useable Toner Hole Making Tool (sold separately) - Needed to make a filling hole in these cartridges in the location that is shown in the illustrated instructions that come with the toner refill kit for this HP 3500 toner refill

Chips are required to fully 'reset' the printer cartridges to 'like new specifications'. These cartridges have a smartchip that monitors how much toner is left in the cartridge, and gives you warnings when your toner is running low. For a complete and successful refill on these cartridges, the smartchip needs to be replaced. There is a different smartchip for each color cartridge, and they are for 1 full cartridge life cycle use

Toner Refills from Uni-Kit are high quality and come with 24 hour tech support service. Guaranteed to bring your empty toner cartridge back to working condition, as long as your cartridge was printing well before it emptied you can expect approximately 100% same quality and page yield with your 1st refill.

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