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hp c6656a, hp c6657aThanks to our Sr. Technician we can now tell you exactly how to reset the ink level gauge after refilling your HP 56 (c6656a) black and HP 57 (c6657a) color inkjet cartridges!
HP 58 photo ink refill kits and resetting procedures coming soon!



To reset the HP c6656a (#56) black & c6657a (#57) color ink cartridge:

1. Refill your ink cartridge using your Mr. Ink Jet refill kit.

2. To reset the HP 56 black ink cartridge or HP 57 color ink cartridge, first tape over the contact pointed to by the arrow in the diagram on the left.

3. Install the cartridge back into your HP printer with the first contact covered with tape. See below for illustration of contacts. (One of the little goldish-colored squares is called a contact.)

4. The printer will tell you that there is a problem with the ink cartridge. Click "ok".  The printer will then start to print an alignment page.  Let the printer  print the alignment page.

5. Remove the cartridge from the printer again.  Leave the first piece of tape on the contact first covered.  Cover the second contact shown in the picture on the lower left for the black cartridge or the contact in the picture on the lower right for the color cartridge.  The second contact on the HP c6656a black cartridge to be covered is the top square on the next to last row from the left.  The second contact to cover on the HP c6657a cartridge is the top square on the last row from the left.

hp c66566. Install the cartridge into the printer again.  This time with both contacts being covered with tape. 

7. The printer will go through the same process as before, telling you there is a problem with the cartridge.  Again, click "ok".  The printer will start to print an alignment sheet.  Again, let the printer finish the alignment page. 

8. Remove the cartridge once more from the printer.  Remove both pieces of tape used to cover the contacts.  Make sure that there isn't any residue left from the tape on the contacts.  If you do see residue, gently clean the contact with rubbing alcohol. 

9. Install the cartridge on final time into your HP printer.  The cartridge will now be read as new and full of ink.


Green square = first contact to cover            
Pink square = second contact to cover


            Green square = first contact to cover
Blue square = second contact to cover


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