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Miscellaneous Inkjet Refilling Supplies & Accessories

When ordering a Mr. Ink Jet refill kit, you do receive most of the necessary tools to prepare and refill your inkjet cartridge.  These tools will eventually wear out over time, when they do,  just order your new tools and supplies here.

Screw used to plug the refill hole in Hewlett Packard 51645, 51640, 51650, 51644 black ink cartridges Self-threading set screw
(used with HP 45 / 15 / 40 / 50 / 44)

$0.30 each

blunt needle Blunt-tipped needle (syringe not included)

$0.25 each

inkjet refill injector tip Plastic injector tip
used on HP 20/26/29; syringe not included)

$0.30 each

20cc syringe 20cc Syringe (needle not included)

$1.00 each

20cc syringe

 5cc Syringe (needle not included)

$0.75 each

Cartridge clip for HP 51625a, 51626a & 51633a
(cartridge not included)

$1.00 each

hp 51649, hp 49

Cartridge clip for HP c6614, hp 20, 51629a & 51649a
(cartridge not included)

$1.00 each

hp c6578

Cartridge clip for HP 17, c6625a, c1823 & c6578
(cartridge not included)

$1.00 each

Cartridge clip for HP 15, c6615a, 51645, 51640, 51650a, 51650c, 51650m, 51650y, etc
(cartridge not included)

$1.00 each

lexmark cartridge clip

Cartridge clip can be used on Lexmark, Compaq, Kodak & Samsung Color & Black cartridges
(cartridge not included)

$1.00 each

hp cartridge top popper Top popper for HP c1816a, 51625a & 51649a color cartridges (cartridge not included)

$5.50 each

Cartridge print head external cleaning solution reusable up to two times

2 oz. $6.00

4 oz. $8.00

8 oz. $13.00

32 oz. $24.00

128 oz. $38.00

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