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Home -> Lexmark -> Select by Lexmark Printer -> X Series -> Lexmark X4530 -> Lexmark 18C1624 (#24a) Color Refill Kit

Lexmark 18C1624 (#24a) Color Refill Kit
Lexmark 18C1624 (#24a) Color Refill Kit
Price: $25.00
SALE PRICE: $15.00     
SI Number:
Lexmark 18C1624 (#24a) Color Refill Kit Description:


***You can NOT successfully refill the #23 OR #24 cartrdiges UNLESS you have an "A" after the cartridge number***

This inkjet refill kit is compatible with the following Lexmark inkjet printers:

Lexmark: X3430 / X3530 / X3550 / X4530 / X4550 / Z1400 / Z1410 / Z1420

Note: Lexmark offers for sale two different versions of the same cartridge: The regular version (23 / 24) is NOT refillable. It is the "Return" or "Rebate" cartridge you agree to return the empty cartridge to Lexmark. In return, Lexmark gives you a $5.00 discount off the cartridge. The "A" version (23A / 24A) can easily be refilled. However, the price of the cartridge is roughly $5.00 higher than the regular version, so most people unknowingly buy the regular version.

• 4 oz cyan, magenta & yellow ink
• 3 syringes, 3 needles, & hand drill
• gloves
• instructions
• Provides 12 refills per color

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