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Home -> InkJet Refill Kits -> Epson -> S020191 Color -> 1oz. Starter Ink Refill Kit For Epson S020187 & S020191

1oz. Starter Ink Refill Kit For Epson S020187 & S020191
1oz. Starter Ink Refill Kit For Epson S020187 & S020191
Price: $14.00     
SI Number: 2200s
1oz. Starter Ink Refill Kit For Epson S020187 & S020191 Description:

This inkjet refill kit is compatible with the following Epson inkjet printers:

Epson Stylus Color 400 / 440 / 460 / 500 / 600 / 640 / 660 / 670 / 700 / 710 / 720 / 750 / 1200 / 800 / 850 / 860 / 1160 / 1520 / Epson Stylus Scan 2000 / 2500 inkjet printers EX / EX2 / EX3 inkjet printers

Approximate Refills / 2 Times For Black, 7 Times For Each Color.

1oz. Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow

Save up to 80% on your inkjet printing costs
Easy to follow instructions with proven refilling techniques - it really does work!
Never run out of ink again
Print at higher resolutions without worrying about the cost
Recycle your ink cartridges and help the planet
Cartridge specific - does not use "universal" inks

What is the difference between the starter ink kit and the other kits in our product line?
The starter inkjet refill kits are perfect for those that don't do a whole lot of printing, but still have to purchase new cartridges a few times per year.  The starter kit is also ideal for anyone who would like to try refilling, but is still a little skeptical.  With the inkjet starter kit, you receive 1 ounces of black and 1 ounce of each color.  The amounts provided in the starter kit will typically provide 1-3 refills of a black cartridge, depending on brand, and 2-4 refills of each color.  If you have been wanting to try refilling, the starter kit is the best way to give it your best shot!  The starter inkjet refill kit contains the highest quality of inkjet inks available combined with a realistic amount of ink for the first timer or occasional printer. Tip: Never let your cartridge run completely empty!  Always refill an ink cartridge when the ink level is low enough to show skipping or fading on your print outs.

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